project: Suzuki house extension
Site Area: 25 m2
Gross Floor Area: 10 m2
Client: Akira Suzuki
Structural Engineering: Prof.K.Bollinger, Vienna

The extension for the suzuki-house by Peter Wilson was designed because of the need for more room caused by a growing family. A 2 year old son who still sleeps in the parents room and a 10 year old daughter who has a room of her own. The new room will provide more space and independence for the daughter whose old room will be taken over by her brother.
Conceptually seen the extension is an analogy of the Space Shuttle just before take-off. It is a self contained unit, which does not deny its origins and dependence on the main house below. Access is available through the parents section and also directly through a rear entrance that allows for greater autonomy and freedom. The existing pipes at the back of the main construction are extended to connect the module to the main power and water supplies.
Concerning the construction: aluminium frames covered inside and outside with metal sheet, and an insulation between them, a combination of frame and plane unit, like the wings of an airplane.





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